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Welcome to my blog! Here, I post infrequent, lengthier articles on stuff - typically more technical topics. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or feedback at Click the image to access the blog post, enjoy :D



State Of Open Conference 2024

Learn all about Sourish's journey at State Of Open Con 2024, a meetup for tech enthusiasts and professionals in the open source community. He discusses his spectacular experience, details of eye-opening talks, insights from thoughtful conversations, and lessons he took away from the inspiring event. It may be long, but you'll regret not having a peek at this blog!




In this blog, Sourish discusses Vim - it's a keyboard-centric terminal-based text editor popular among programmers and nerds (are they not the same group anyway?). He looks at his journey through Vim thus far and discusses the pros and cons of the editor, comparing it with modern IDEs like VS Code. It's a funny and interesting read, so continue to learn more about his thoughts on the world's most ubiquitous text editor!



Sony WH-1000XM5 - a Long Term Review

Back at it again, Sourish reviews another piece of tech he uses on a daily basis - the Sony WH-1000XM5s. He looks upon the last 9 months of use to bring out the best and worst of the headphones. It's a useful read with lots of insight, so continue on to learn what he thinks!



Work experience account (Pt. 3) - Leonardo

In the second of this series of Sourish's work experiences, he looks at his time at Leonardo.



Teaching, Competing, Exploring: A Robotics Story

Join Sourish in his second collab blog with Dom as the duo discuss and reflect on a robotics competition that they ran this year. It covers the whole spiel, from the planning and purchasing, to the development and teaching they undertook. It rounds off with a description of the thrilling competition day and a memorable trip to Raspberry Pi HQ. So read on to discover how Sourish and Dom found the experience and explore the ups, downs, and fascinating insights they gathered from a year of robotics!



CamJam April 2023

Relive Sourish's experience at CamJam April 2023 as he touches on the most interesting moments of the day, and find out what he learned at the electronics enthusiasts' event. Sourish talks about why CamJam is such a valuable part of the community and shares plenty of photos from the day. Read this blog post to find out more and hopefully get inspired to discover the world of electronics for yourself!



Astro Pi - reflections from team Pithons

In this special collab, join Sourish and Dom as they reflect on their journey through space. From experiment design and arguments to coding and analysis, this blog has it all. They talk about their project for the Astro Pi 2021/22 competition so hop along and enjoy the ride - whether you're participating this year or just want some entertainment, explore what they've been up to!



Unlocking the power of AI for blog writing

Unlock the power of AI in your blog writing with Sourish! Discover how to save time, generate unique ideas and make your blog more interactive and engaging. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of using AI in the writing process, and how to strike a balance between utilizing the strengths of AI and maintaining your own unique voice and perspective. A must-read for bloggers looking to take their writing to the next level!



The Sony Xperia 1 IV - a month later

Join Sourish as he reviews the latest flagship Sony smartphone. He'll take you on a one-month journey to discuss his experience with the device. So whether or not you're a tech enthusiast, this blog is a fascinating read to discover the cracks and crevices of the phone in Sourish's daily life.



Work experience account (Pt. 2) - Mott Macdonald

In the second of this series of Sourish's work experiences, he looks at his time at Mott Macdonald.



Developing and designing my website - Part 2

The second of this series of web dev, this post ventures deep inside the design process of the site, describing everything in detail from logo to splashscreen, and parallax to masonry, providing mounds of knowledge to equip you with the essentials of creating your own beautiful layouts. Sourish discusses how he constructed every single part of the website, and this blog doesn't miss a thing. It's a long one, but trust him when he say it's gonna be worth it.



Work experience account (Pt. 1) - Kybernet

In this series, Sourish discusses and reflects upon his time at work experience, providing valuable insights and opinions about the industry to share what he's learned. This is the first post in the series, looking at Sourish's week at Kybernet.



Developing and designing my website - Part 1

In the first technical blog he's ever written, Sourish dives straight into frontend web development and takes you on the journey with him, beginning by explaining some key principles and then discussing an overview of the development process and design decisions. Sourish make lots of interesting points, and invites you to contact him if you want to know more. The read is suitable for non-technical people with limited web development knowledge, and it's a great starter to the rest of the series.



The website launch

Alongside the launch of this website, here is Sourish's first ever blog post outlining the reasoning he decided to make a website, a hint into the process, the future of the site, and some more insights. It's a quick read to complement the release.